(g)Host City

(g)Host City is a web project created by my wife Laura and myself, and launched at the 2011 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Essentially it is a sound map of Edinburgh, created by (at time of writing) around 20 artists. Each has created a piece of audio – short stories, poems, abstract sound pieces – which responds to a specific part of Scotland’s capital city, and is designed to be listened to in that place, on headphones. Locations range from graveyards and ruined chapels to shopping centres and bus routes. The artworks can all be streamed or downloaded at the (g)Host City website.

(g)Host City launched in 2011 with a programme of work by Momus, Kieran Hurley, Alan Bissett, Kirstin Innes, Hannah McGill, Jim Colquhoun, Ewan Morrison, Jenny Lindsay, Christopher Collier, and Katy McAulay. It generated widespread media coverage, including Channel 4 News, BBC Radio Scotland, the GuardianThe List, the Scotsman, Fest, and the Observer. In 2012, we were commissioned by Edinburgh City of Literature to create six new pieces, by Gavin Inglis, Kirsty Logan, Ken MacLeod, JL Williams, William Letford and James Robertson, as part of a public art project called enLIGHTen. We also added another new piece by Hamish Kallin and Fiona Keenan.

We have been intending to add more work to the map ever since, but various other things (paid work, small children etc) have got in the way. We will return to the project one day, I hope. In the meantime, if you have a piece of web-based work that you think would be a good fit on the (g)Host City map, feel free to get in touch.


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