‘It’s the sort of record that they – the Mark Eitzels and the Paddy McAloons – used to make. An adult pop record with heart and brains.’ The Guardian.

‘A lovely album. A late contender for one of the best of the year.’ Gideon Coe, BBC 6 Music.

Seafieldroad was my first attempt at a solo music project (unless you include the 35 hours of home demos I recorded as a teenager). Between 2010 and 2015 I released three albums and a couple of EPs, and contributed a song to a compilation album as part of the Whatever Gets You Through The Night project.

On a few occasions I got over my chronic stage fright enough to play a live show, variously accompanied by a string section, a brass section, and a choir. However I’m done with it now. If you like this music, you can download it all for free via Bandcamp.

seafieldroad live 2
On stage in Edinburgh with the brilliant cellist and string arranger Pete Harvey

Here are some nice things that people said about Seafieldroad….

‘Eaton crafts songs that sound like minimalist classical composers working on adventurous ballads for REM. This album will either win the Mercury prize or disappear into fervent cult obscurity. It’s so good it deserves no compromise in between.’ Sunday Herald.

‘A quietly majestic thing. As irresistible as a warm hearth on a snowy day, these songs do for Scotland’s east coast what the Blue Nile’s did for the city of Glasgow.’ Scotland on Sunday.

‘A compelling end of year treat… perfectly attuned to winter’s lonely, dark nights.’ Drowned in Sound

‘The songs glow with a sense of sincere, melancholic wonderment… An album to get lost in.’ The List.

‘A heartbreaking and delicate album… a great piece of work.’ Sunday Mail

‘Majesty enough to keep Eaton strides ahead of the curve.’ The Skinny.

‘Unquestionably the best thing he’s ever done. I perhaps shouldn’t start off by comparing it to other albums, but when you see the ones I do, you will understand: Brian Eno’s Music For Airports. The Blue Nile’s Hats. Virginia Astley’s From Gardens Where We Feel Secure. Yes. That good, that special.’ Is This Music.


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